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Description for SPELLFIRE by Ed Greenwood:

The word brings to mind magic and dragons. Unthinkable energy.

Magical energy that a simple scullery maid can't possibly control.

Shandril of Highmoon, an orphaned girl, is bored. Her solution: run away, in search of adventure.

What Shandril doesn't know is that her whimsical action will take her to the grotto of the most feared creature in the Realms, . . . or that the only magic strong enough to defeat the unspeakable evil surrounding that dracolich must--thanks to the great mage, Elminster--be channeled through her body, . . . or that the burden of saving the Forgotten Realms will fall on her slender shoulders.

Shandril of Highmoon finds adventure all right ... and love, and death, and terror.

This is #1 in Shandril's Saga.

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