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Spindrift Ridge

Spindrift Ridge

Author: R C House

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Acceptable

Pages: 246

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Description for SPINDRIFT RIDGE by R C House:


When a man is hired to guide prospectors to the gold fields of Colorado, there aren't always riches at the end of the rainbow.  but Dick Snow never dreamed he'd end up in a fight with the Simon Parsons gang over a long lost thirteen-year-old white boy raised by a Cheyenne chief.  The boy Charley Rogers, is the only link to a fortune located in the hills of Spindrift Ridge.

Together with the eccentric prospectors who hired him, Snow sets out to help Charley find his Aunt Nell.  Charley's parents died on an ill-fated journey west, and Charley's only connection to his past is a box containing gold-veined quartz and a letter from Nell.  Now the notorious Parsons has stolen the box, and he's racing to the mining town of Dalton to force Nell to reveal the whereabouts of the lode.

But even the Parson gang may be too late, as Nell is being wooed by a smooth talking con man Dave Deweese.  For in a lonely placed called Spindrift Ridge, there waits a woman all alone, a treasure in gold at her fingertips...


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