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Stand-In Bride & The Sister Switch

Stand-In Bride & The Sister Switch


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Description for STAND-IN BRIDE & THE SISTER SWITCH by Julie Kistler:


Polly Tompkins hasn't pulled the old switcheroo with her identical twin, Cassie, since she left Pleasant Falls--never to return. And she can't think of a worse time to trade places, two weeks before her sister's wedding! But she can't say no to Cassie...and then she really can't say no to her long-lost childhood sweetheart, Michael Kennigan. Who just happens to be the groom's brother!


Cassie Tompkins has two weeks to sow her wild oats before marrying the most boring man in Pleasant Falls. Trading places with her freewheeling, city-dwelling twin is just the ticket. Now, if she can just find a stud to help her with those oats... And then along comes Dylan Wright, a hunk and a half who makes her feel crazy and magical--and SO not homesick!

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