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Star Of Danger

Star Of Danger


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Description for STAR OF DANGER by Marion Zimmer Bradley:


Although the natives of Darkover are the descendants of a long-lost Terran colony ship, they distrust the Terran spacers who have recently taken up residence on their planet. Many feel that these strangers from space have the power to disrupt the entire society of Darkover. Yet despite the mutual prejudice between the peoples of Earth and Darkover, Terran Larry Montray and Kennard Alton, the heir to the Alton Domain, forge a bond of friendship which flourishes even in the face of their families disapproval.

And when Larry and Kennard are forced to combine Darkover matrix magic with Terran technology to stand against a mutual enemy, will their personal alliance fracture the stability of both their cultures and bring about a new era in Terran-Darkovan relations?

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