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Description for STARGAZER by Colby Hodge:

"Do Not Revive Without Authorization" Those were the words stamped on the cyro tube holding the prisoner. Gazing in fascination at the bulging muscles of his arms, Lilly wondered if the heavy cables binding his wrists and ankles would be enough to hold him when he awoke from his enforced sleep. Nor was she reassured by the crime committed by her fellow passenger: murder. Or his sentence: life, in the deepest hole the Legion could find. Yet even sensing the rage and frustration within him, she tied her fate to his when their ship was attacked. Chased by Ravigans across the universe, she had no choice but to put her trust in Phoenix. But how was he able to penetrate her mind, filling it with teasing suggestions and hotly sensual images, when that talent had always belonged exclusively to the generations of grey-eyed women in her line? Was the devil with the silver gaze the key to saving her beloved garden planet of Oasis or just a common criminal out to take for himself whatever he could get his hands on?

This is #1 in Oasis Series.

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