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State Of Siege

State Of Siege


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Description for STATE OF SIEGE created by Tom Clancy And Steve Pieczenik:

Driven by greed, a group of U.N. peacekeeping soldiers becomes involved in activities on the wrong side of the law. When their tour of duty ends., the mayhem begins. The rogue soldiers - outfitted with stolen U.N. arms and ammunition devise a shocking scheme to get the world's attention...

Meanwhile, Op-Center head Paul Hood has cleared out his desk. But his retirement is short-lived. Demanding one hundred million dollars in ransom, the assassins have taken over the U.N. - where ambassadors from ten nations have gathered for a gala function at which Hood's daughter will perform.

This time, it's personal. And the Op-Center forces will strike with deadly vengeance...

This is #6 in Op-Center Series.

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