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Staying Single

Staying Single


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Description for STAYING SINGLE by Millie Criswell:

"Engaging men" are lining up for Francesca Morelli, thanks to her enterprising Italian mama. The very able and controlling Josephina has arranged three -- count 'em, three -- weddings so far for her 29-and-pushing-it daughter. Unfortunately, all three had gone off, uh, without a hitch.

No wonder. Francesca has a thing about the m word. The only vow she's taking is to stay single!

But best man Mark Fielding is going to turn the tables on this woman who discards fiances like out-of-style shoes. His MO? Charm the sexy brunette into bed. Woo her to the altar with promises of happily ever after -- then plot his getaway.

Except...Mark hasn't counted on falling in love....

And Francesca hasn't figured "The Wedding March" really is her new theme song....

Harlequin Flipside #1, October, 2003.

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