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Stella, Get Your Gun

Stella, Get Your Gun


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Description for STELLA, GET YOUR GUN by Nancy Bartholomew:

She's just been shot at, arrested and thrown in jail, but trust former police officer Stella Valocchi -- compared to last week, things are looking up.

Last week she: a) caught her cop boyfriend in bed with her best friend, b) kidnapped the boyfriend's dog and c) ran for home, only to find the man who once left her at the altar presiding over her favorite uncle's funeral.

This week Stella's hunting her uncle's killer. Being arrested on bogus charges just means she's on target. But to stay there she's got to confront the past -- and her former fiance -- and stick to her guns in the face of shocking family secrets....

This is #1 in Stella Valocchi Series.

Silhouette Bombshell #13, October, 2004.

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