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Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail

Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail


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Description for STOLEN LIVES: TWENTY YEARS IN A DESERT JAIL by Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi:

Born into a proud Berber family in 1953, the eldest daughter of the King of Morocco's closest aide, Malika Oufkir was adopted at the age of five by King Muhammad V to be brought up as the companion of his daughter, Princes Amina. When he died, his son Hassan II became King and took charge of rearing the two girls as well as his own children. Malika spent eleven years living at the court, in the seclusion of the harem, until she left the palace, at the age of 16, as one of the most eligible heiresses in the kingdom and tasted a couple of years of a heady jet-set lifestyle. On August 16th, 1972, her father, General Muhammad Oufkir, was arrested and executed after an attempt to assassinate the king. Malika, her mother, and four siblings were imprisoned in a penal colony.

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