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Description for STORM by Boris Starling:

"YOU CANNOT REMOVE EVIL...." The first victim was discovered in a public park. Her body stabbed repeatedly, her hands and feet removed with clean, surgical precision. Tied to her chest, a coiled black snake, writhing and lashing. Even to a seasoned detective like Kate Beauchamp, a woman vulnerable to her own unsettled demons, the murder was extraordinary--less a crime scene than the site of a perverted sacrifice. But to what God, To what Devil:

"IT IS THE NATURAL WAY OF BEING..." What's left of the second victim gives Kate a true vision of Hell--and the terrifying realization that there is only one way out: through the instincts of a genius schooled in the art of murder. He can tell Kate what drives men to kill. He can tell her where they hide. And he can tell her how to find them. The only thing he can't do is save her when she does....

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