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Strange Highways

Strange Highways


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Description for STRANGE HIGHWAYS by Dean Koontz:


Joey Shannon knows that a supernatural force drives him toward the meaning of his troubled life, waiting somewhere along a two-lane mountain road. There, he'll be allowed to replay the fateful night of his youth, drawing only on the depth of his own wisdom and courage.


He fought in Vietnam, killed the enemy, spent time in a POW camp. That was the price he paid. Now, thinking about what lurks beneath his new home, he wonders if he's still paying. Thirsting for vengeance, he prepares his list of the people who have displeased him, as the cellar door beckons. . . .


A father, proud of his atheism, finds his principles tested when his beloved young son falls ill, and he contemplates the unexpected in a blizzard of cherry blossoms. . . .


Chase is a war hero who wanted nothing more than to return to his attic room. Then he met Glenda, and his exile from life was over. But heroes need enemies to slay, and Chase is destined to meet his own, in an unanticipated place, deep inside the darkness within himself. . . .

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