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Streets Of Blood

Streets Of Blood


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Description for STREETS OF BLOOD by Carl Sargent & Marc Gascoigne:


London, 2054. Shadows dance in every fog-bound lane and alley of the historic city--shadows that hide a sadistic murderer, somehow summoned from Victoria's reign to kill once more.

An uncertain alliance of shadowrunners is thrown together by violent death and corporate intrigue. Geraint, noble lord from the Principality of Wales, Adept, politician, bon vivant. Serrin, renegade Elf mage from Seattle, in,search of vengeance or forgetfulness. Francesca, high-class decker for hire, haunted by blood-drenched nightmares. Rani, Punjabi Ork, street samurai, a true shadow-dweller from the lowest level of British society.

All are drawn into a web of death and deceit; a conspiracy which reaches to the highest powers of the land; an intrigue built upon murder and manipulation.

When death stalks the dark streets of London, no one will be safe from the razor's kiss.

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