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Sullivan's Law

Sullivan's Law


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Description for SULLIVAN'S LAW by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg:

Monday mornings are hell.

That's what Carolyn Sullivan is thinking as she arrives at her office at the Ventura County Probation Department. She's got a paper due for law school. Two high-energy kids who need to be in different places at the same time. A mountain of debt. Her boss is on the warpath before she even has a chance to grab her first cup of coffee. But Carolyn's day is about to get a lot worse...

One of her probationers has just been arrested for rape. It's a front-page-headline story that leads squarely back to Carolyn's paper-strewn desk and overwhelming caseload. Could she have prevented the crime? She fears the top brass, pressured by the media, may destroy her career. Just when Carolyn should be lying low, instead she's assigned a sensitive case that's sure to have everyone breathing down her neck - supervising convicted killer and paranoid schizophrenic Daniel Metroix.

Twenty-three years ago, the son of the police chief was pushed into the path of an oncoming car, and Metroix went to prison for the boy's murder. Everything in Metroix's file indicates that he's unpredictable and dangerous. But what's more unsettling is his claim that he's innocent - a claim that crawls under Carolyn's skin and stays there, especially when what should be a routine meeting erupts into an inferno that nearly kills both of them. Was it a freak accident? Or something far more sinister? Strange things are happening - and the danger level is ratcheting up sky-high. Suddenly, Metroix's story doesn't sound so crazy. Protecting him is Carolyn's only chance to defend herself and her family - and to right a wrong that may have sent an innocent man to prison, while letting a killer go free.

Carolyn dives into a case that everyone else seems to want to keep that leads behind the glossy exteriors of Ventura's most prominent sons into the darkest corners of the American dream. Someone doesn't want Carolyn to discover the truth. Someone who knows where she lives, where she goes, who she sees. Someone who will strike at the very heart of every mother's worst fear in order to silence her for good.

This is #1 in Carolyn Sullivan Series.

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