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Sun Spaces: New Vistas For Living And Growing

Sun Spaces: New Vistas For Living And Growing


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Description for SUN SPACES: NEW VISTAS FOR LIVING AND GROWING by Peter Clegg & Derry Watkins:

In centuries past they were known as conservatories or solariums, and only the rich could afford them. Today they are known as sunspaces, sunrooms, sunwings, or attached solar greenhouses, and millions have been added to new or existing homes in the last decade. Although sunspaces can add a lot to a home, they can also bring problems ranging from excessive heat to white fly infestation. This book will guide the potential or present sunspace owner through the troubles or surprises that may develop. In the most comprehensive discussion sunspaces available, Clegg and Watkins bring to this volume more than 10 years of professional and personal experience with solar greenhouses and sunspaces.

The authors examine the three functions of the home sunspace: living space, greenhouse, and solar heat collector. Each of these functions is covered in a chapter that is followed by interviews with sunspace owners. They share with you information on glare and humidity, proper ventilation, building, pests, growing conditions, heat storage and transfer, and more!

SUNSPACES has something for everyone interested in capturing and utilizing the sun's tantalizing powers. It is a book of practical ideas and inspiration, information, and problem-solving advice. It will help, guide, teach, and impress upon you the appeal of letting the sun shine in.

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