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Sweet Lies

Sweet Lies

Author: Miranda North

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 447

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Description for SWEET LIES by Miranda North:

Stuck in the English countryside, restless Meredith Westin would give her soul for a little excitement! So when her fascinating cousin Vivienne offered her a trip to Paris, she didn't hesitate to accept--even if it did mean pretending to be Vivienne for a while so her daring cousin could have a secret lovers' rendezvous. But then Meredith was kidnapped by a devilishly handsome highwayman, and the beautiful imposter knew all was lost. For how could she pretend to be a woman of the world when this masterful male boldly embraced her and kissed her until she was breathless!

Two-timing temptresses were the only women Deron Redvers ever met in his jaded social circle. But when the cold-hearted Vivienne broke his best friend's heart, Deron decided it was time to take revenge against the fairer sex. Disguised as a robber, he meant to abduct and seduce the little schemer. He never expected the tart to act like she'd never been in a man's arms before! He ignored her calculating, wide-eyed innocence, and proceeded according to plan, caressing her creamy skin and kissing her trembling lips until she paid the full price her deceitful SWEET LIES

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