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Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction


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Description for SWEET SEDUCTION by Allie Jordan:


From the time she was in grade school, Libby McHanie knew she would marry the boy next door. Cute, smart Will Spencer was Libby's best friend in the world, she couldn't imagine a life without him. At their wedding, they promised to stand together for better or worse, in sickness and in health. But their vows didn't mention boredom and a sad lack of passion. And after three years of marriage, lack-luster routine threatened to teat Libby and Will apart.

Despite his superior intelligence, handsome Dr. Will Spencer was hardly astute when it came to his wife. His days were filled with hospital rounds, pacemakers and computerized medicine. He couldn't get away from his medical practice long enough to notice the woman in his bed needed attention too.

And Libby was getting desperate. She'd even bought a copy of Angel Harper's book Secrets to a More Exciting Sex Life, which promised to light a fire in the dullest relationship. But Angel's tip backfired when Will missed the point of her escapade. Her heart belonged to Will. What would it take to lead Will Spencer down the path of sweet seduction?

Kismet #58, September, 1991.

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