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Sweetbriar Spring

Sweetbriar Spring


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Description of SWEETBRIAR SPRING by Brenda Wilbee:

In 1851 two women kissed each other goodbye in a sweetbriar garden in Illinois. They wept for they knew they'd never see each other again. Louisa was moving to Oregon.

"The sweetbriar!" Louisa cried. "They are God's promise of spring! Let me take some seeds to the Promised Land, and you keep some. That way we will never be parted! Not ever!"

At 24 beautiful Louisa Boren bids farewell to her childhood home and firend, and begins her journey toward destiny. Within two years she marries David Denny and together they lay the foundation for one of America's greatest cities---Seattle.

SWEETBRIAR SPRING, the captivating sequel to SWEETBRIAR and THE SWEETBRIAR BRIDE, continues this remarkable love story of Louisa and David Denny during the long, dark winter of 1854. Today her sweetbriar have mingled with the wild roses that bloom every spring in the Northwest--a tribute to the victory of faith and love in the lives of Louisa Boren and David Denny.

This is #3 in Seattle Sweetbriar Series.

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