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Description for SWINDLE by Gordon Korman:

SWINDLE: to cheat, steal, trick, deceive, defraud, lie, rob, con, backstab, obtain dishonestly....

When Griffin Bing plans a spooky sleepover in a haunted house that's about to be demolished, he isn't planning on making a fortune. But then he discovers something more valuable than gold: a rare Babe Ruth baseball card, hidden out of view for many years.

Griffin's on his way to a million dollars . . . until a mean collector named S. Wendell Palomino (a.k.a. Swindle) tricks him out of the card. Now Griffin must put together a team of friends (and one or two enemies) in order to get the card back. There are many things standing in their way -- a menacing guard dog, a high-tech security system, a very secret hiding place, and the fact that none of them can drive. But Griffin is a Man With a Plan, and even if some things go way beyond his control, he's not going to let his fortune go without a fight.

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