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Taken By Surprise

Taken By Surprise


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Description for TAKEN BY SURPRISE by Susan Johnson; Thea Devine & Katherine O'Neal:

An erotic game takes a most unpredictable course. A forbidden encounter leads to desire and danger. And a lover's provocative tale includes a very surprising twist. Tried-and-true passion may be lovely, but when it comes to deliciously wicked sinning, there's no greater aphrodisiac than being... TAKEN BY SURPRISE New York Times bestselling author Susan Johnson FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE

While Russia trembles under the rule of Ivan the Terrible, beautiful, headstrong Tatiana has come to the countryside to escape from her arranged marriage to a cruel prince. But her yearning for solitude soon yields to a deeper, smoldering longing for a count who makes it clear he wants everything Tatiana can give...and all that she's willing to learn under his skilled touch. It's a dangerous liaison of rapturous desires that places them both in the path of an enemy more ruthless than they can imagine... USA Today bestselling author Thea Devine HER LORD AND MASTER

Bored, jaded, and obscenely wealthy, the Earl of Wick has ravished every woman in London and beyond. Now, with pressure from his family to settle down, the scandalous rogue embarks on an erotic odyssey to seduce a ripe, lily-pure virgin whom he might--or might not--marry. But the lady in question is not quite as na�ve as the earl expects, and with each heated night of bold passion and willing abandon, it's the silver-tongued rogue who finds himself falling under the lady's sensual spell... Romantic Times Readers Favorite Katherine O'Neal EROTIC DEJA VU

As the notorious author of several scandalously erotic tales of love, Celia Wybourne has thrilled readers worldwide with her steamy depictions of a hero whose sensual skills are a match for his unquenchable hunger. Celia has given up hope of ever meeting such a lover--until a trip to exotic Gibraltar introduces her to a mysterious, powerful who insists they are soul mates, bound together through time...and whose mastery of the forbidden arts takes Celia to the brink of ecstasy and beyond...

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