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Tapped Out

Tapped Out


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Description for TAPPED OUT by Natalie M Roberts:

Last time we saw Jenny T Partridge, founder of Utah's premier school for budding prima-- and not-so-prima--ballerinas, she was on the wrong end of a murder investigation. Who could imagine that once again her dance card would be filled with dastardly doings?

Blondes don't have more fun. Just ask Jenny, who now has to find enough money to fix the bad dye job a pushy dance mom inflicted on her. Luckily, an old flame calls her and offers her a few thousand dollars to fill in as an instructor on the Hollywood StarMakers Convention, his traveling dance competition.

But before Jenny can even get started, someone makes it clear that they want her to shuffle off to Buffalo. When other instructors start disappearing, Jenny, with the very attractive Detective Tate spotting her, vows that the show will go on...

This is #2 in A Jenny T Partridge Dance Msytery.

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