Technical Hitch

Technical Hitch


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Description for TECHNICAL HITCH by Jane Sigaloff:

Wedding planner Jessica James has pulled off the society wedding of her career, but when it comes to her own Big Day, she gets cold feet. Does marriage still mean something, or is it simply so twentieth century? She looks at her nearest and dearest, and begins to doubt....

Celebrity wild child Jack Carlisle is thrilled with the media extravaganza Jess staged for his nuptials, but has he really been tamed by his secretary, Emma, or has she simply met her checkmate? Meanwhile, Jess's sister Sarah is devastated to discover she isn't legally married at all. Eloping with her soul mate didn't so much tie the knot as leave a gaping loophole. Then there's Jess's best friend, Fiona, who's ready to settle down, until she sees her brother painfully jilted at the altar.... Now will she blow it when she finally falls for the perfect guy -- and he falls right back?

Happy endings? What if marriage is exactly that -- the ending, not the beginning?

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