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Tell It To The Marines

Tell It To The Marines


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Description for TELL IT TO THE MARINES by Amy J Fetzer:

The few. The proud. The very, very hot. What woman doesn't love a man in--or out of--uniform? Join one of romance's hottest new stars, Amy J. Fetzer, as she serves up some of the hunkiest heroes ever to leave boot camp in three stories so deliciously sexy, you'll want to enlist now...

Tell It To The Marines

Hot Conflict Rule number one for "How to Throw a Wedding": Don't get kidnapped. Rule number two? Don't let your rescuer be DJ McAllister, as in tall, dark, and secretive with a bod to die for. As in the man who pushed wedding planner Mary Grace Heyward away once and left her heartbroken for, um, well forever. But now that they're running for their lives (so that's what it takes to get a man to commit!), the looks DJ's giving her tell another story, one that's making her very, very warm. And Mary Grace's mission is clear: Indulge the hot Marine's every fantasy and secure a victory of the everlasting kind...

Hot Landing Zone The mission went bad, really bad. And Jake Mackenzie blames Dr. Katherine Collier, the egghead scientist his team was rescuing from terrorists. If she'd just obeyed his orders they wouldn't be stranded--alone--on a remote island with no way off. But hell, Jake's a Marine. He'll improvise, adapt, and long as the drop-dead gorgeous Katherine stops accidentally setting off his booby traps, prancing around in what's left of her clothing, and driving him wild with desire. Protecting her is his sworn duty, and the lady seems to have some specific requests in that area...

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