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Temperatures Rising

Temperatures Rising


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Description for TEMPERATURES RISING by Sandra Brown:

Mysterious, elusive Chantal duPont was an enchanting forest nymph in a revealing white gown, beckoning Scout Ritland into the sultry night with promises of pleasure in her breathtaking blue eyes. But when the exquisite island princess pulled a gun and abducted him into the jungle at midnight, he was furious - and tantalized! He'd succumbed to the allure of paradise while constructing the beautiful Coral Reef resort, but when Chantal insisted he build a bridge for the native village where she had lived as a child, he vowed to escape, even as the black satin ribbons of her silken hair held him captive. In the shadow of an active volcano, Scout drew the pagan goddess to him with savagery, met her smoldering desire with fierce hunger. His wild caresses seduced Chantal into the heart of a fire that threatened to consume them both. She'd given Scout her soul, and once she'd danced only for him in the moonlight, could he resist loving her forever?

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