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Tempestuous Eden

Tempestuous Eden


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Description for TEMPESTUOUS EDEN by Heather Graham:

What a fool she'd been! She'd given him more of her soul than she'd ever thought possible. Given him herself.

She burned within, thinking of how she'd come to him, teased him, loved him, lain beside him in intimate abandon. Blair Morgan--daughter of one famous man and widow of another--had left a world of wealth and privilege behind to work with the needy in the Central American jungle. She'd been content until Craig Taylor appeared. Who was he? A terrorist? A government agent? A mercenary? Why had he taken her prisoner and where was he taking her--deeper into danger or back to Washington and civilization? Was he her enemy or her protector? And if she knew the answer, could she forgive him--or stop longing to reexperience the rapture they'd shared?

This is #1 in Candlelight Ecstacy Supreme series.

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