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Tempted By Your Touch

Tempted By Your Touch


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Description for TEMPTED BY YOUR TOUCH by Jen Holling:


Amid a furious blood feud sparked by a legendary and mystical stone, a determined laird seeks peace... .

Robert Maxwell, eldest son of the notoriously ruthless Red Rowan, plans to set a new course for his irascible and war-hungry family by making peace with the clan's long-standing English rivals. And what better way to mark the beginning of a new era than by wedding the Graham family's most precious lady? Peace always comes at a price, and seducing a beautiful woman seems a small one to pay.

Incensed by her brother's scheme to marry her off to a Scottish barbarian, Caroline Graham is shocked to find her betrothed so pleasing to the eye. Nevertheless, she enters into the arrangement with a determinedly icy heart and a vow to resist her husband's every touch. But when she suspects she's merely a pawn in her brother's ultimate plan to destroy his ancient enemy for good--and to find and claim the storied magical stone as his own--Caroline is torn. Robert's bravery, loyalty, and charm have begun to melt her resistance. Is it possible that her sworn enemy is really the love of her life?

This is #1 in Brides Of Bloodstone Series.

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