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Terror Stalks The Border

Terror Stalks The Border


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Description for TERROR STALKS THE BORDER by Bradford Scott:

TWO LEGENDARY TEXAS RANGERS IN ONE VOLUME They were the law in a lawless land, the peacekeepers in a time of violent chaos. The elite Texas Rangers were given the jobs no one else wanted. Now in paperback for the first time, you can read about two of the most celebrated rangers in fiction. Walt Slade might sing like a nightingale, but he can put a bullet through a man without missing a note. Yet Slade will need much more than a pretty voice and quick reflexes to catch the Dark Riders gang. In the title novella, ranger Jim Hatfield's only companion and most trusted ally is his sorrel, Goldy. Known as "The Lone Wolf," Hatfield must single-handedly bring down a vicious criminal organization terrorizing the Texas border...before he becomes one of their victims.

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