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Texas Heat

Texas Heat


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Description for TEXAS HEAT by Fern Michaels:

Sunbridge - the 250,000-acre spread near Austin, the dream and obsession of the late Seth Coleman, the scene of passion and intrigue - now belongs to Moss and Billie's daughter Maggie. Maggie has invited all the family and several hundred guests - to a July 4 barbecue to celebrate the new sense of family pride she's determined to forge at Sunbridge. But wherever Colemans and their loved ones gather, they can't help but generate their own special brand of


...and it's sizzling as never before! Magpie is divorcing Cranston Tanner and struggling to be a good mother to their son, Cole. But her love for a very special man could cost her the loyalty of her family....Sawyer the brilliant aeronautics engineer, has a broken heart. But a much greater tragedy befalls her....Cole is Maggie's teenage son who resents Sunbridge, torments his mother, and is locked in bitter rivalry with his cousin Riley....Riley, heir apparent to Sunbridge, is open and loving - and in very serious trouble....Amelia is married to a younger man who adores her and is involved in a project dear to her heart, but she can't stop the flames of her blazing jealousy....Susan, the world-renowned musician whose marriage was one long concert tour, has fled home to Sunbridge for the most important performance of her life.

They - and many others - will enthrall you from first page to last!

This is #2 in Texas Series.

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