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Texas Rogue

Texas Rogue


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Description for TEXAS ROGUE by LaRee Bryant:

She felt his strength, Lovely Laura Nichols fled her uncle's home when she was forcefully engaged to a fat ugly old man.But when her stage was attacked by bandits,leaving her in the Texas wilderness with roguish Blake Saunders the innocent beauty wondered if bad luck was her lot. The detestable rancher made her flesh burn with the same nameless craving; he assaulted her senses as no man ever had before. Yet even as she shuddered at being all alone with the arrogant stranger,she tingled with anticipation of what delights, the night would bring.He traced her curves,right from the start,adventurous Blake Saunders knew that proper prim Laura wasn't his type.But even as he denied it,the luscious witch's body drove him wild. He had to explore the silken skin that beckoned from beneath her gown; he had to taste the source of her honeysuckle scent, especially now that they had survived the outlaw gang,Blake was possessed by a primitive urge to affirm his vitality.Ignoring her protests, he embraced Laura,kissed her,caressed her, aroused her and made her the slave of this Texas Rogue.

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