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That Summer In Maine

That Summer In Maine


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Description for THAT SUMMER IN MAINE by Muriel Jensen:

A Season of Change

Spending the summer with sexy single dad Duffy March was not exactly what Maggie Lawton had planned for her first vacation in years. Yes, she needed a rest, but sleeping in one of Duffy's guest rooms -- with the dangerously attractive man from her past right next door -- was certainly not relaxing!

Yet that summer in Maine was about to change her life in unimaginable ways.

Unexpected kisses on a sunlit beach, entertaining "family" frolics in the surf -- all of these magical moments had Maggie rethinking her carefully scheduled life. Her wounded heart yearned for all Duffy and his adorable little boys offered, but could Maggie settle in for a long winter's nap as the wife and mother they so desperately craved?

Harlequin American Romance #965, April, 2003.

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