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The $10,000,000 Texas Wedding

The $10,000,000 Texas Wedding


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Description for THE $10,000,000 TEXAS WEDDING by Judy Christenberry:

Terms of a Ten Million Dollar Texas Wedding

(Excerpt from Granny Dawson's will)

Stop furrowing your brow, Gabe! Don't like the change to my will? Didn't think you would. But someone had to bring you to your senses. You can be so stubborn...

What you thought years ago -- that Katie Peters dismissed your love -- isn't true. Katie is a wonderful woman who cares about you. Let go of the pain from her rejection. Discover how amazing love is.

You and Katie belong together. And once you indulge in the memories that make you ache, you'll know I'm right. This isn't punishment, Gabe. It's the greatest gift I could leave you. Marry the girl, already!

Harlequin American Romance #842, September, 2000.

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