The Adventures of Old Man Coyote

The Adventures of Old Man Coyote


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The description of THE ADVENTURES OF OLD MAN COYOTE by Thornton W Burgess from the back of the book:

Peter Rabbit is afraid---though he is trying not to show it.

He and Billy Skunk heard a terrible sound last night. It was not Hotty the Owl. It was not Dippy the Loon. It was not a dog. But it sounded a little like all three.

It was this awful howl!

And now, this morning, there is a half-eaten chicken in the meadow. And tracks. Big, mean looking tracks. The only one not scared is Granny Fox. And that's because she thinks she knows who the stranger is...

Thornton W Burgess's stories of Peter Rabbit, Billy Skunk. Sammy Jay, and their many friends have taught generations of children the lessons of fair play and respect for nature. Now your children can share this precious American legacy.

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