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The Amateur Epicure's Cook Book

The Amateur Epicure's Cook Book


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Description for THE AMATEUR EPICURE'S COOK BOOK by Helen Pendleton Rockwell with a foreword by Richard S McCutchen, Captain, USMC:

Some of the best culinary art of America and the entire world has been gathered together in this astonishingly rich and varied collection of recipes. Helen Rockwell, already famous in this country for HERE'S HOW: A JOURNEY THROUGH GOOD FOOD, makes no claim to originality. Whenever a dish excites her palate, whether at home or abroad, she has got to try it out herself, making adaptations of her own until she has achieved the perfect Curry, Borscht, Bouillabaise, Highland Scone or Yorkshire Pudding.

And she has set them all down here with wonderfully clear and simple instructions so that even a novice cook cannot go wrong --- a huge array of tempting recipes for fish and fowl, meats, vegetables, salads, soups, desserts, as well as many delightful menu suggestions for special occasions. Whether she is concocting an elegant version of Vichyssoise or dressing up everyday fare such as corn cob soup, Helen Rockwell's primary concern is flavor and color, and therein lies the secret of her artistry.

Here it is for all those who delight in good eating and take pride in the cuisine they offer friends---THE AMATEUR EPICURE'S COOK BOOK by an epicure for epicureans!

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