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The Angel Of Death

The Angel Of Death


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Description for THE ANGEL OF DEATH by Paul Doherty:

IN 1298, EDWARD I OF ENGLAND invaded Scotland and brutally sacked the town of Berwick, razing to the ground the Red House of the Flemings who had permission to trade there. He little knew his action would have far-reaching repercussions.

A year later, Edward convoked a great assembly of the realm in St Paul's Cathedral. They were to hear Mass after which the main celebrant, Walter de Montfort, had been delegated to lecture the King on not taxing the Church. During the Mass, de Montfort died a sudden and violent death.

Hugh Corbett, the King's clerk, was given the task of solving the mystery and tracking down the murderer. Against the background of Edward's struggle to maintain himself, both at home and abroad, Corbett's investigations became tortuous and laced with danger before he discovered the truth of how a man could be murdered in full view of the king and most of the notables of the country...

This is #4 in A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett.

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