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The Backup Plan

The Backup Plan


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Description for THE BACKUP PLAN by Sherryl Woods:

Every woman needs a backup plan...

And no one knows that better than foreign correspondent Dinah Davis, who's spent years wriggling out of international hot spots. Now she's come home to South Carolina's Low Country to hook up with the dependable man who long ago promised his devotion. But instead of finding the safety she's seeking, she winds up in the arms of his black sheep brother.

Cordell Beaufort would go after Dinah himself if the opinionated debutante weren't so much trouble. But when Dinah lets down her guard long enough for Cord to see the real woman, he starts to wonder if his judgment wasn't just a little too harsh. Maybe there's a reason he can't stand the thought of Dinah traipsing down the aisle with his brother.

Cord was the last man on earth Dinah would choose, but it seems fate has other ideas. Turns out even the very best backup plan can take an unexpected twist.

This is #1 in Charleston Trilogy.

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