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The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy


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Description for THE BAD BOY by Leah Vale:

The Only Payback He Wants Is Revenge

Finding he's the heir to a business empire should be a dream come true. For Cooper Anders, though, it's about settling an old score. Soon the whole world will know how a high-and-mighty father disowned his son and forced him and his mother into a life of grinding poverty. Now nothing stands between bad-boy Cooper and satisfaction -- unless it's the beautiful woman with a very different plan.

Sara Barnes, vice president of Operations at McCoy Enterprises, has sworn to protect both the company and the family name. Yet the thrill she feels around Cooper -- with his blue eyes, broad shoulders and troublemaking ways -- says there's more at stake than just her career. Torn between loyalty to the McCoys and longing for the newest member of the clan, she's facing an impossible task -- and terrified of what she might lose either way.

Harlequin American Romance #1026, July, 2004.

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