The Bat-The Haunted Lady-The Yellow Room

The Bat-The Haunted Lady-The Yellow Room


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Description of THE BAT/THE HAUNTED LADY/THE YELLOW ROOM by Mary Roberts Rinehart:


Neither death Threats nor unearthly sights and sounds can budge rich, eccentric Miss Cornelia Van Gorder from the isolated mansion she shares with a pretty niece, hysterical maid, laconic butler, and nice young man who just might be an embezzler. Even knowing she is a prime target for the elusive killer known as the The Bat doesn't faze her. Until the storm-swept night gets her chance at a deadly game of detection---and her turn at The Bat!


Eliza Fairbanks, may be old, but she is hardly senile. So when she claims to have found bats in her bedroom and arsenic in her strawberries, Miss Pinkerton is promptly assigned the case. And it doesn't take the shrewd nurse-detective long to discover that Mrs. Fairbanks is quite sane after all. Quite sane, and quite dead...


Carol Spencer has just left her family's Park Avenue apartment to open the summer home in Maine. But when she arrives, she discovers that the servants have vanished and the telephones have been removed. All of which she could set to rights, if it weren't for the corpse in the linen closet---and the circle of danger rapidly closing in around her...

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