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The Best Awful

The Best Awful


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Description for THE BEST AWFUL by Carrie Fisher:

When we left Suzanne Vale at the end of Carrie Fisher's bestselling "Postcards from the Edge, " she had survived drug abuse, rehab, and Hollywood celebrity. "The Best Awful" takes Suzanne back to the edge with a new set of troubles -- not the least of which is that her studio executive husband turned out to be gay and has left her for a man.

Lonely for a man herself, Suzanne decides that her medication is cramping her style, and she goes off her meds -- with disastrous results. The "manic" side of the illness convinces her it would be a good idea to get a tattoo, cut off her hair, and head to Mexico with a burly ex-con and a stash of OxyContin. As she wakes up in Tijuana, the "depressive" side kicks in, leading Suzanne through a series of surreal psychotic episodes before landing her in a mental hospital. With the help of her movie star mom, a circle of friends, and even her ex-husband, she begins the long journey back to sanity.

Based on a truant's story, "The Best Awful" is by turns highly comic and darkly tragic, a roller-coaster ride through the dizzying highs and crushing lows of manic depression, yet containing all the fast and furious wit that made "Postcards from the Edge" both a bestselling novel and a hit movie.

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