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The Best-Kept Secret

The Best-Kept Secret


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Description for THE BEST-KEPT SECRET by Les Roberts:

For Cleveland P.I. Milan Jacovich, murder is still just a living...he hopes.

A debt to an old friend puts Milan Jacovich in the middle of a sensitive case that's hurting his bank account and his love life. Jason Crowell, an eighteen-year-old college freshman, is accused of rape by a mysterious group called the Women Warriors. But who exactly is the alleged victim? Who are the Women Warriors? And why is Jason Crowell being skewered without evidence?

The case turns into a giant dead end, especially when Milan's only lead-- a college official-- is found brutally murdered. Then Milan discovers Jason has a secret, a secret he'd rather do jail time for than reveal. But he's not the only one willing to go to desperate lengths to keep ugly truths and dangerous games from seeing the light of day. Because sometimes the best-kept secrets are the most deadly...

This is #10 in A Milan Jacovich Mystery.

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