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The Best Man

The Best Man


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Description for THE BEST MAN by Grace Livingston Hill:

Cyril Gordon, a handsome government agent, possesses vital information that, in the wrong hands, would threaten national security. And he is being pursued by desperate men who will stop at nothing to get that information from him. Cyril seeks refuge in a church where he stumbles in upon a wedding party. Amazingly, everyone seems delighted to see Cyril, mistaking him for the best man. Frantically, he decides to go along with the charade. When the beautiful young bride walks down the aisle, Cyril finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. Then, at the end of the marriage ceremony, Cyril receives the greatest shock of all - he was not the best man, but the groom! Now Cyril must not only elude his enemies and deliver his information safely, but he must do so without endangering the life of the beautiful young woman who is now his wife!

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