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The Blue Widows

The Blue Widows


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Description for THE BLUE WIDOWS by Jon Land:

The End of America Begins Today!

In today's terrifying world, in which terrorists can wreak incredible havoc, Palestinian Detective Ben Kamal and his Israeli counterpart Danielle Barnea face an obsessed fanatic plotting nothing less than the total destruction of America.

When a raid on a terrorist hideout in Gaza yields flame-charred pages written in Arabic, Danielle sends the document to Ben. Shockingly, his translation reveals that the pages are a fatwa, a religious edict, granting permission to bring about a biblical prophecy known as the End of All Things.

Layla Aziz Rahani, daughter of a powerful Saudi Arabian billionaire, is the mastermind behind this insidious plot, whose apocalyptic scope is beyond comprehension. Danielle and Ben must track Rahani along a deadly trail of subterfuge that spans three continents--before an ancient prediction becomes a very real disaster.

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