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The Body In The Basement

The Body In The Basement


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Description for THE BODY IN THE BASEMENT by Katherine Hall Page:


Faith Fairchild's next-door neighbor Pix Miller has agreed to check on the progress of the summer cottage Faith and her husband Tom are having built on Maine's Sanpere Island. Pix had no reason to believe she'd find that Faith's new foundation hadn't even been cast, or that the cement was about to be poured over a perfectly lovely red-and-white quilt...and the unfortunate victim who was wrapped in it.

The recently departed was a local handy-man--with one suspicious hand deep in the antiques market. And, as the ladies of the quilting circle were quick to point out, he also had a rare talent for stumbling upon caches of exquisitely made, but newly found, "heirloom" quilts. So, it comes as no surprise to Faith Fairchild, that between the fish chowder* and the clam dip her good friend Pix must uncover the culprit--if anyone is to rest easy on Sanpere Island again.

This is #6 in A Faith Fairchild Mystery.

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