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The Body In the Belfry

The Body In the Belfry


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Description for THE BODY IN THE BELFRY by Katherine Hall Page:


There was no question that the body in the church belfry was Cindy Shepherd and that she was very dead. The kitchen knife sticking out of her curvaceous young body left no doubt. Faith Sibley, the minister's wife who found poor Cindy, quickly learned that there was no shortage of people who might have been tempted to do Cindy in: childhood enemies, jilted lovers, and angry victims of Cindy's vicious tongue. It seemed a shame to faith to let the police pin the crime on Cindy's fiance just because he lacked an alibi ... or a better way to break the engagement.

But ex-New Yorker Faith Sibley had a lot to learn about murder in Massachusetts. Digging up seedy little secrets in a quiet New England village can make the natives a bit nervous ... and turn the lady from the big city into just another small town statistic.

This is #1 in A Faith Fairchild Mystery series.

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