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The Border Empire

The Border Empire


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Description for THE BORDER EMPIRE by Ralph Compton:

THEY KILLED THE GUNFIGHTER. BUT THEY DIDN'T KILL HIS SON. Nathan Stone, the man they called The Gunfighter, lay dead in the dust of an El Paso street. The Sandlin gang kicked up that dust as they rode back laughing into Mexico, where the U.S. law couldn't touch them and local law didn't want to.

Behind him Nathan Stone left his horse, his Winchester, his custom-made Colts, and his name. The son who had grown up without him took them all. His name was Wes Stone. He used to be a lawman, but he took the star down from his chest when he picked up his father's guns.

He knew the impossible odds of going against the outlaw army and its empire of evil. But he knew another thing as well. He knew he was his father's son, and he was going to teach his father's killers just what that meant....

This is #4 in The Trail Of The Gunfighter Series.

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