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The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door


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Description for THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Meggin Cabot:

Who is...

The Boy Next Door?

(Melissa Fuller desperately needs to know!)

Is he really Max Friedlander, notoriously wild, famously self-centered fashion photographer-nephew of poor old comatose Mrs. Friedlander? (But he seems so nice!)

Has he come to relieve Mel of the burden of having to walk (or be walked by) Mrs. F's monster Great Dane, Paco--so maybe she can start getting to work on time and maybe keep her job at the New York Journal?

He's not really trying to find out who assaulted his "aunt" in her own home and why, is he? All by himself? Isn't that a bit dangerous?

And how can one man be this gorgeous, funny, charming, fearless, sexy and mysterious? (And why the heck does he want Mel to call him "John"?)

Anyone with information, please e-mail and hurry...because she's headed for BIG trouble!

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