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The Burning Glass

The Burning Glass


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Description for THE BURNING GLASS by S N Behrman:

The time of THE BURNING GLASS is the late nineteen thirties, when the Nazi shadow was beginning to darken over Europe, and indeed over the whole civilized world. The setting is Salzburg, Austria; Hollywood, California; and New York City. The characters are drawn from the sophisticated and glamorous world of the arts, of music, theater and film. The central character of the book is a twenty-eight-year-old American Playwright who calls himself Stanley Grant because he wants to escape his Jewish name and heritage.

In the summer of 1937, Grant has just written a smash Broadway comedy. He is en route to Salzburg, where he is to discuss his next play with a lovely Austrian actress he is in love with and who he hopes will star in it. As the story progresses we see that falling in love is one of Grant's weaknesses, since he invariably falls in love with women who are not attracted to him.

THE BURNING GLASS is a novel compounded of wit and wisdom, heartbreak and charm; it is refreshingly gay in treatment and yet deadly serious in purpose. But, perhaps the books greatest importance is the manner in which it brings to life a time when the minds and hearts and very lives of men throughout the world were being destroyed by Fascism and the power it unleashed in Europe and America.

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