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The Case Has Altered

The Case Has Altered


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Description for THE CASE HAS ALTERED by Martha Grimes:

Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury returns, in Martha Grimes's newest atmospheric tale o f murder and suspense.

Timeless, peaceful, and remote, the watery Lincolnshire fens seem an unlikely setting for murder. But two women--a notorious actress and a servant girl--have been killed there in the space of two weeks. The Lincolnshire police are sure the murders are connected--and they think a friend of Richard Jury is responsible. Jury is anxious to clear jenny Kennington's name. But the secretive suspects and tight-lipped locals are leading him nowhere. And with the help of his colleague Melrose Plant, he must struggle to navigate a series of untruths in the hope of stopping a very determined killer.

This is #14 in A Richard Jury Novel.

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