The Case of Cabin 13

The Case of Cabin 13


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Description for THE CASE OF CABIN 13 by Sam McCarver:

A CASE HE CAN'T REFUSE Passengers are dying on White Star Lines transatlantic ocean liners. Three mysterious suicides, on three different ships--all in first-class cabins numbered 13. And with the maiden voyage of their newest ship imminent--an incomparably lavish vessel called the Titanic--the cruise line can't afford a fourth. With the police stumped, Professor John Darnell, the world's first and only "paranormal detective," may be their last hope of debunking rumors of a murderous ghost. Soon, the famed skeptic has agreed to be the next occupant of cabin 13--and he's sure it's no spirit he's after.

A FATE HE CAN'T AVOID As the world's largest and purportedly safest ship sets sail, neither Darnell's sixth sense nor his investigative skills can protect him from the twin perils he is about to face. Can the American-born Englishman possibly survive the deadly forces of both nature and man? Because somewhere on the icy sea, a killer is lurking....

This is #1 in the John Darnell Mystery series.

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