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The Case of Compartment 7

The Case of Compartment 7


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Description for THE CASE OF COMPARTMENT 7 by Sam McCarver:

GHOSTLY PHENOMENA... Frequented by royalty and nouveau de riche tourists alike, the world's most luxurious train, the legendary Orient Express, harbors a frightening secret. Years ago, a young bride fell victim to a violent crime of passion while on board. Now, her phantom has suddenly appeared--blood-drenched and pleading for help, driving the line's wealthy passengers from their compartments. With the long-buried tragedy now exhumed, management is worried about the reputation of the sumptuous Express...and some are worried about the lives of everyone on board....

OR PHENOMENAL HOAX? Their only hope may be Professor John Darnell, the world's first and only "paranormal detective." Characteristically skeptical, yet undeniably intrigued, Darnell agrees to take the case. After all, he and his new wife, Penny, have yet to take their honeymoon, and what better way to spend it than in the company of the elite--including a sultry spy, a Rumanian prince, a foreboding psychic--and perhaps a ghostly apparition? But as they traverse the European countryside in the months before World War I, Darnell's decision to mix business with pleasure may prove a deadly mistake....

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