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The Case Of The Vanishing Corpse

The Case Of The Vanishing Corpse


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Description for THE CASE OF THE VANISHING CORPSE by Robert Newman:

ANDREW came home to London from a year at school to find several full-blown mysteries. First of all, a young woman had disappeared in the neighborhood where ha and his mother, actress Verna Tillett, lived. Then his mother had reluctantly agreed to wear some borrowed diamonds to the opening night party for her new play, and before they could be returned, they were stolen from her room. A few days later other jewels disappeared from the home of the Marchioness of Medford, next door.

Did the strange priest of an obscure Egyptian religion, to which the Marchioness had become a devotee, have anything to do with it? It did not seem likely. And what about the man that Andrew found murdered in the street in front of his house one night, whose corpse disappeared before anyone could examine it?

Andrew and his friend Sara, once know as Screamer, heartily disliked Inspector Finch of Scotland Yard, who arrived to look into crimes. But they came to know and like Constable Wyatt, who was helping the Inspector. Then, Andrew and Sara pushed themselves into the investigation until they, too, seemed to be in danger.

Andrew and Sara were no inexperienced detectives. They had solved some earlier mysteries in Robert Newman's THE CASE OF THE BAKER STREET IRREGULAR. And in this new adventure they perform with equal skill.

This is #2 in Andrew Tillett, Sara Wiggins and Inspector Wyatt Mystery.

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