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The Catenary Exchange

The Catenary Exchange


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Description for THE CATENARY EXCHANGE by Jon Winters:


ANTON DRAKOV: Director of KGB dirty tricks. The most feared and brilliantly dangerous man in Russia. Now scheduled for liquidation.

NEVILLE CONYES: Gentleman agent, British secret service. Now assigned to DI6, Special Projects, for a mission in which his survival isn't important.

Against Anton Drakov, you live for as long as he needs you. Neville Conyers has one possible ally: Colonel Novetsky, the Soviet official whose daughter he assassinated. And he has one possible weakness: a perfect Aryan beauty who is leaning she can kill to stay alive.

As the chill gray imperatives of espionage coil and uncoil through the KGB, British intelligence, and the streets of East Berlin, one of these people is being used by both sides of a red-herring operation. One has been programmed to kill on cue. One is a double mole being set up for a triple cross. And Anton Drakov is controlling them all.

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